Replacement of the Bells on Harvard Business School Bell Tower on 15 August, 2007

On 15 August, 2007, a ceremony of the replacement of the bells was held at Harvard University. “Weekday” Bell – the first coming back bell of the historical St. Daniel’s set – was taken down from Harvard Business School library tower and replaced by a replica bell cast in Russia especially for that purpose. When both the bells were placed side by side on the truck platform, the parties signed property transfer deeds, according to which the Russian Orthodox Church became the owner of “Weekday” Bell and Harvard University received property rights for its exact replica. Pictures from Lowell House website
Crane at Baker Library Luis Campos, Diana Eck, Larry Doherty of Fine Arts Express
Business School Professor Quelch Crane removes 18th century bell
Old bell descents Vladimir Voronchenko and Peter Riley
Voronchenko and Riley exchange deeds Riley rings New Bell
New Bell Aloft 18th century Bell on way to Moscow
Diana Eck and Vladimir Voronchenko, Chairman of the government of the «Link of Times» Foundation Russian TV cameras
Crowd assembled Crane removes 18th century bell
Vladimir Voronchenko rings the Old Bell Signing the Transfer of Deed
Dan Aisner, HB New Bell Raised
New Bell Aloft