The bell-ringing festival and a symposium. Harvard University, June 1–2, 2008

June 1–2, 2008. The bell-ringing festival and a symposium devoted to the upcoming exchange of the bell ensembles took place in Harvard University. The trip of Russian delegation was sponsored by “The Link of Times” foundation. Russian delegation included the vicar of Moscow St. Daniel’s Monastery, archimandrite Alexei and 5 monks from the cloister, Mrs. M. N. Belogubov, head of the department of Plenipotentiary of The President of Russian Federation in Central Federal Region administration, Mr. Konstantine Mishurovsky, specialist from the Church Bell-ringers Society and 11 members of festive choir of Moscow St Daniel’s Monastery. During the festival and on the day of Graduation (June 5th) Danilov bells on Lowell House tower rang for the last time. The events of June 1–2 have become another stage of the program dedicated to realization of cultural dialogue between the participating organizations engaged in the project.