Casting of the Big Bell for Harvard University. March 30, 2007, the Vera Foundry in Voronezh

On 30 March, 2007, a 14-ton giant bell, the largest bell from the set of replacement bells for Harvard University, was cast at Vera Foundry in Voronezh. The bell was so big that the casting process was carried out in the foundry yard The bell casting was attended by St. Daniel’s Father Superior Archimandrite Alexey and the monastery brethren. They held a service for the success of this important undertaking.
The melting furnace can hold up to 45 tons of the casting alloy. It is equipped with a special tilting mechanism for pouring. The service held before the casting of the bell
The hot-metal runner, through which the metal runs from the melting furnace into the casting mold, is installed a few minutes before casting The casting alloy is being poured into the casting mold
The first minutes of the casting process At the end of casting the remaining metal is collected into a special hot-metal ladle
The newly-cast 6-ton bell from the new bell ensemble was placed in the foundry yard for tooling Tooling of the 3-ton bell cast for Harvard University at Vera Foundry.